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Sort-of Appalachian Supper class

Your daddy is a butcher Your mama sells the meat And you’re the little weenie who runs about the street … So much for my summer goal of being a more well-behaved writer/cooking instructor/etc. This upcoming Sort-of Appalachian Supper cooking class involves local moonshine. And that reminds me that I need […]

Pie contest and recovery from pie contest

Oh, help me. Where do I even start …. Actually this story deserves more time to tell than I have at the moment, so I think that this is 10th annual Asheville retro pie contest part I. However, we’ve the great honor of being the cover story of the August […]

Appalachian Low Country Frogmore Stew

Down on coastal South Carolina they have a party-dish called Frogmore stew. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have any frogs in it. Rather, it’s a big pot of steaming potatoes, corn on the cobb, smoked sausage chunks and shrimp topped with crab boil seasoning that’s dumped onto a paper-covered picnic table […]