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Craftiness Attack! … and garlic herb salts

  A few girlfreinds, a few bottles of wine, warm soup and fresh baked bread, dried herbs and garlic from my garden, my neighbor’s fragrant Haw Creek honey beeswax = a frantic, frenzied hot mess of creative cacaphony + fun. I was very organized to start … with stations set […]

Pie plate alert!

If you were a kid and you went to my grandmother, Maudie’s house in Salem, WV in the 1960s, you’d spend a fair amount of time on your back, on the floor, admiring the under-the-chair art gallery in her “front” room. You wouldn’t have a piece of pie with you, but there’s […]

A visit to Hart Square 1840 pioneer village

It was 47 degrees in our bedroom this morning. And not much less than that outside. Our bedroom is in the uninsulated 1880 part of our house which we don’t even bother to heat. We just pile on the quilts and snuggle down. Our sleeping arrangements aren’t much different that those […]

Log Cabin Fall + Hand-hewn Cooking Classes

The fall colors are hollering here in our mountain holler. Time for a picnic. And some cooking classes that include Thanksgiving pie of course, and hand-hewn make-do vintage style holiday gift making. Not to mention cookstove cookin’. What’s a picnic without apple-cider-caramel mince pie? Stay tuned for apple-cider-caramel next week […]