There’s a La Ratte potato in my dryer

Does this happen to you? You check to see if all the clothes are out of the dryer and you find a potato in there. Normally, I would hang my clothes outside, but it’s been rainy and damp and they just don’t dry all the way so I had to pop them into the dryer to finish up. That’s where the potato comes in. It’s a La Ratte fingerling potato, the kind I grow and the kind I just recently harvested from my garden. (By the way, this is an extremely prolific, fantastic eating and roasting French heirloom potato that grows happily in Western NC.) Maybe it was in the cuff of my farmer overalls, or my pocket?  Why would I put a little potato in my pocket? I will tell you one thing, though. A dryer does not cook a potato. But the washer certainly gets it nice and sparkly clean.

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  1. Alas, my tomatoes look like yours. On a happier note, Thanks for this recipe. My mouth is watering. I
    have tomatoes and corn. You know what I will be eating tomorrow…

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