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Flipped for Flapjacks

The Guinness has gone but the oat flapjacks remain…. I take that back, I highly recommend flapjacks plus Guinness for dessert tonight. I’ve been staring down photos of oaty Irish flapjacks for years and finally baked a tray of them for an Irish-themed St. Paddy’s day potluck and now I […]

How did you whip that up so fast?

So says my husband as I plopped dinner on the table tonight. After returning from a chilly evening stroll with the dog, I wandered into the kitchen to assemble dinner before Wayne had to leave for his weekly radio show. 30 minutes later, dinner appears in the form of a […]

Upcoming Cooking Classes

German Santa Breads Stay tuned for January and February Cooking Classes Meanwhile, head down to the Nov. 7 post for information on this December class and open house: Wednesday, December 7th, 6:00-9:00pm $45   Hide N’ Bake: Special  Holiday Refrigerator Cookies and Savory Crackers  

A Jiggly Wiggly Thanksgiving

This year, Wayne and I traveled to Richmond, VA for the family gathering and feast. And speaking of feast, sometimes you just have to start with dessert first. I made a couple lovely candy roaster pies with a bittersweet chocolate ganache under the pumpkin custard. And that was all fine […]