Author: Barbara

Pie Lady Class at the John C Campbell Folk School

Sometimes the stars all line up and the electromagnetic vortex of life just falls into place … for example, last week at the JC Campbell Folk school where I had the great honor to teach A WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK of pie-making to a lovely group of ladies from all over the US. (Cooking […]

A cooking class from the magic storybook-land of Aosta

There’s a fairy tale behind the Rustic Italian Alpine cooking class I’m teaching next week…. Once upon a time (in 2007), our eldest, Annie decided to walk the 900 km Camino de Santiago from the Pyrenees in southern France to the coast of northern Spain. Alone. They say you meet your soulmate […]

So over it ….

Done. The flu, the chicken soup, the 500 rolls of tissue, all of it. New year, new toothbrush, clean sheets, kale and daily walks up the mountain behind our house. Just in case Mr. Flu comes banging at your door, I have some advice. These cute vintage hankies don’t cut it.   […]

Craftiness Attack! … and garlic herb salts

  A few girlfreinds, a few bottles of wine, warm soup and fresh baked bread, dried herbs and garlic from my garden, my neighbor’s fragrant Haw Creek honey beeswax = a frantic, frenzied hot mess of creative cacaphony + fun. I was very organized to start … with stations set […]