Author: Barbara

Crunchy Laundry

“If these sheets were any crunchier they would stand up and walk out of the room” declared Wayne as he climbed into bed last night. A high complement where I come from, that’s just how we like ’em. Crispy with the lingering scent of the outdoors from an afternoon spent […]

A found mountain supper …

  A lot’s changed since my college days when my friend, Lisa, and I would hitchike up into the George Washington national forest of SW Virgina for a weekend of wilderness camping with a bottle of water and a bag of pecan sandies. Now, I know how to grab a few friends, and find […]

Fire roasted supper + black bears over my head

It is not halloween and this is not a man in a bear costume standing in our woods.  I was just sitting in my bed this lazy morning, drinking coffee, answering emails when along walks this guy right by my window. I jumped up & followed him outside with my camera […]

Are you tangerine/orange marmalade worthy?

  Tell me, I have to know. Are you marmalade worthy? If you say yes, and you really mean it, then I will share a little jar of this labor-of-love-jam with you. If you act all desperate because you are almost out, then you get a big jar. This is […]

Lazy overnight cheese bread

I’m embarrassed about how easy it was to make this primitive-looking rustic cheddar/black pepper bread. I’m even more embarrassed about the method in which I’m going to share the not-recipe for it. My excuse is that I’m writing a book and I’m trying to learn to use InDesign in which to do it, […]