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motorist's luncheon book My mind wants me to write this book, but my body does not want to sit in a chair at a desk inside my attic office and get down to business. So I figured out the perfect solution.

remington typewriter

The 1946 Remington Noiseless Portable Typewriter. I’ve been looking for a manual typewriter with a not-tiny font in good working order for years now. So when my daughter, Rita and I came upon this one in an Atlanta antique store recently, I grabbed it. The ribbon was dried up, but did you know they still make manual typerwriter ribbons? In the USA no less.  Anyway, here’s one of my new off-site offices.

my new office

I call this the stump picnic table office. And it’s perfect for writing a vintage cookbook about this sort of thing:

picnic in the woods

A portable cooking cookbook deserves to be written on a portable vintage typewriter. Only problem is that it’s been a while since I’ve typed on a manual typewriter. I’m rusty, and my pinkies are a bit flaccid, so I need to build up strength for typing “p” and “q” and such.  The typewriter came with a case and the KEY for heaven’s sake. And the instruction booklet is with it as well. I need to share with you important information about how to craft a dinner invitation and how to respond. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Remington, 1946. The reply is hilarious. I can’t stop laughing.

dinner invitation breaking a dinner invitation

Ok Now here’s a sample of my typing which I hope will improve come book-time.

what mrs jones meant to say                                                                                                                                            

 Love, and I would NEVER turn down a dinner invitation from you!!!!!


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  1. Barbara, love your sense of humor and this “what she really meant to say!”

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