Places and things to see

Small Town Day … a fun scavenger hunt

As the darling of all-things-cool small city Asheville bursts at the seams with tourists, we locals are known to look elsewhere for more low key mountain adventures. Especially now during fall leaf season. That’s when you’ll find me at one of the less trodden, delightful mountain small towns that dot […]

Muscadine merriment + a perky salad for your Thanksgiving table

I know it might be too late now for Muscadines since it was a whopping 19 degrees outside our Asheville door this morning. But this celebrated southern native grape keeps well when refrigerated, and as of Monday, growers at the WNC farmer’s market still had some baskets stashed away. If you live around the Asheville area, you really […]

Southern cowpea, butterbean & legume greed

Here’s why you should slow down and take the back roads. You might run into a Georgia roadside stand with zipper peas, crowder peas, lady peas, and pink-eyed peas. Honey sweet peaches, silver queen corn, and greasy beans. As if that’s not enough, along comes the roadside Spring Creek dairy with fresh churned buttermilk, butter, […]

Pie Lady Class at the John C Campbell Folk School

Sometimes the stars all line up and the electromagnetic vortex of life just falls into place … for example, last week at the JC Campbell Folk school where I had the great honor to teach A WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK of pie-making to a lovely group of ladies from all over the US. (Cooking […]

A cooking class from the magic storybook-land of Aosta

There’s a fairy tale behind the Rustic Italian Alpine cooking class I’m teaching next week…. Once upon a time (in 2007), our eldest, Annie decided to walk the 900 km Camino de Santiago from the Pyrenees in southern France to the coast of northern Spain. Alone. They say you meet your soulmate […]