log cabin

A found mountain supper …

  A lot’s changed since my college days when my friend, Lisa, and I would hitchike up into the George Washington national forest of SW Virgina for a weekend of wilderness camping with a bottle of water and a bag of pecan sandies. Now, I know how to grab a few friends, and find […]

Fire roasted supper + black bears over my head

It is not halloween and this is not a man in a bear costume standing in our woods.  I was just sitting in my bed this lazy morning, drinking coffee, answering emails when along walks this guy right by my window. I jumped up & followed him outside with my camera […]

A visit to Hart Square 1840 pioneer village

It was 47 degrees in our bedroom this morning. And not much less than that outside. Our bedroom is in the uninsulated 1880 part of our house which we don’t even bother to heat. We just pile on the quilts and snuggle down. Our sleeping arrangements aren’t much different that those […]

Vintage Portable Ovens and Girls with Axes

Last weekend, girls were weilding axes at our log cabin next door. As in “handling a weapon or tool with skill and ease.” You must do that in order to cook on a wood cookstove, and that we did at our Ladies cookin’ on a wood cookstove class. Most of […]

A hand-hewn garden supper + friends + grilled veggie bundles

The last blast of summer veggies = crusty rustic grilled fare at our equally crusty rustic mountain cabin in the last couple of weekends.  Oh summer, don’t go away! I’m not ready to close the windows! Bits and pieces of meats stashed in the freezer made for some dramatic fireside feasting when […]

Stinging nettle pesto and branch lettuce salad!

    It’s feasting time here at our Appalachian mountain cabin. The morels have come and gone, the ramps are getting scarce, but the branch lettuce and stinging nettles are in full swing. Take a little walk with me to the creek and we’ll collect some branch lettuce for a […]