A Jiggly Wiggly Thanksgiving

This year, Wayne and I traveled to Richmond, VA for the family gathering and feast. And speaking of feast, sometimes you just have to start with dessert first. I made a couple lovely candy roaster pies with a bittersweet chocolate ganache under the pumpkin custard. And that was all fine and dandy.

I had to make those pumpkin pies because I always make the pumpkin pies, and my sister Laura usually makes her beautiful and delicious black walnut cake. But this year, she didn’t make her cake because we were expecting a special guest dessert. This year, my dad’s friend, David, was coming to the Thanksgiving feast and bringing something that took 6 hours to make.

That’s David on the left and my dad, Leon, on the right in one of their usual deep conversations.
What dessert could take 6 hours to make? I’ll tell you what. This is what.

I’ve done a lot of makin’ fun of Jell-O in my days, and the book that contains my anti-wiggly foods rant is even in the Jell-O museum. But those days are over because this was the most entertaining dessert I ever ate. Ever. Twelve separate glistening jiggly layers of fun. And if anybody wants the recipe, you can ask me to post it, because it’s rather long. But I guarantee that if you make 12-layer Jell-O for your friends, you will be the life of the party. The making of this dessert is an act of LOVE!


For example, several of the well-fed cousins, expressing … uhh … something. Yea Thanksgiving!

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