Goofy St. Nik holiday breads

It’s beatnik Santa bread time. What started out two years ago as a wholesome gathering of friends just celebrating the German tradition of making St. Nicholas Day breads, has turned into an annual holiday doughboy mutiny. While we appreciate the European custom of making Santa-shaped sweet breads that are gifted to children to pay […]

Lazy overnight cheese bread

I’m embarrassed about how easy it was to make this primitive-looking rustic cheddar/black pepper bread. I’m even more embarrassed about the method in which I’m going to share the not-recipe for it. My excuse is that I’m writing a book and I’m trying to learn to use InDesign in which to do it, […]

Rhubarb fig honey jam-spread on rye bread

Oh rhubarb fig jam-spread, please don’t leave me. There are only three of you and one of you is half gone now. I am already heartbroken. OK, I’m not THAT heartbroken because I have learned to make rye bread on which to spread you; and when you are gone, I will still have Rye. As much as I’d actually […]

International Biscuit Festival!

This pretty much sums it up. What a fun and inspiration-packed four days spent in Knoxville last week. First there was the Wednesday night Alton Brown show in the lavishly restored historic Tennessee theatre. He took us on a witty, sciency quest to re-create his grandmother’s southern biscuits. Then there was […]