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Vintage Portable Ovens and Girls with Axes

Last weekend, girls were weilding axes at our log cabin next door. As in “handling a weapon or tool with skill and ease.” You must do that in order to cook on a wood cookstove, and that we did at our Ladies cookin’ on a wood cookstove class.

Most of these gals had never chopped wood before, but you’d never know it. While one chopped, the rest of us cheered and before you know it, we had a big stack of cookstove-sized wood of various btu’s … red oak, white oak, and locust.

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Log Cabin Cooking Classes

Aunt Barb’s Wednesday Night Supper Club                                  

First-ish Wednesday of the month   6-9pm  $10    

January 12  … Made-From-Scratch Soups & Herbed Flatbreads 

If you’re somewhere between 21 and 40 and didn’t get to learn to cook from family or friends, then join Auntie Barb and others like you for an informal elbow to elbow lesson in cooking basics. We’ll focus on easy to prepare seasonal, healthy dishes that are inexpensive and can serve one as well as a group. Class meets the first Wednesday of each month (or thereabouts.)
Suggestions are welcome.
Two-Layer One-Pot Comfort-food Cottage Pies
Sunday, January 16, 4-7pm   $45
This is some serious man-food that girls like too. These double-decker dishes can be baked in anything from a cast iron dutch oven in the coals of the fireplace to individual ceramic dishes that can be enjoyed now or frozen for quick, wholesome suppers on-the-go. We’ll make a chili and heirloom bean pie topped with a rustic cornbread topping, and a veggie as well as a local roasted pork and root veggie pies crowned with a variety of potato treats including crunchy swiss rosti, scalloped layered potatoes and mashed potatoes. These dishes sound heavy, but don’t worry, they’re not the way we’ll make them. Fireside supper includes hot mulled beverage, cottage pies, winter salad and a refreshing cranberry & lemoncello sorbet for dessert. Continue Reading →
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